Here’s some early praise for the books In The Spirit of Leadership and ‘Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation.’ If you have read it and would like to add your comment or praise, please contact us:


Armor Bearer Training Series: In The Spirit Of Leadership – Inspiring Lessons For God’s Mighty Men & Women

I just wanted to tell you thank you both for the Spirit of God and the spirit of humility that emanates through your articles. It is so refreshing to me as a pastor to know that there are those in the Body of Christ who take seriously a ministry such as yours.

We believe in servant leadership and I see it in you both. Thank you for refreshing my spirit. God bless you both! Pastor Myra Bell – USA

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic  Training!!!

I ordered this book from the suggestion of a friend. It was  perfect! I have started a training class for armor bearers in our church. The  members love it. It has put a fire in them to serve. I am fully satisfied with the contents and  lessons written here. It was done with the love of God on every page. Thanks!
– Carmen M. Olson
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved this book
This book is a great impartation of knowing what it takes to  serve our leaders. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone who serve in this  ministry. This book goes over a multitude of areas and is bound to point out an  area where serving can be enhanced.
– Ewing Ikard II
5.0 out of 5 stars Great!!
This is a wonderful book. it is spirit led and gives you  great insight on how to serve God’s people.
-K. Word


The Father Book: Healing The Wounds Of A Fatherless Generation

 Varn, thank you for your new book and for your kind words. I believe your revelation in the area of “Spiritual Fathers” will help many people.  –Love, Pastor Happy Caldwell, Agape Church, Little Rock AR.

I’m really enjoying your book (Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation) Recently, I was laying here crying and missing Grandpa (the god-man.) You are a great story teller. –Paul Brown, Dallas, Texas.

I’m loving it! But you forgot to autograph my book. I read the first 58 pages before putting it down… Charlette Tasby, Houston, Texas.

I’ve been reading your book (Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation) a little bit every morning. You did a great job. You should keep writing. I especially loved the elephant story that turned out to be the largest fathering program in the world… Leonard Toms, St. Louis, Missouri.