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A King of Convenience

by Varn Brown
A King of Convenience by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

The margin had been set by a king that had a heart after God’s own heart and his name was David. He set the margin that all kings following him would be measured by, well at least in God’s book. King Solomon did pretty good; he started off well. But at his end he fumbled […]

Need For Spiritual Fathers Still Great!

by Varn Brown
Healing The Father Wound Books

Hey Guys, I have some good news. With Father’s day right around the corner, it’s a good time to celebrate the fathers in your life. Here’s the good news. “Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation Devotional” will launch Father’s Day. Even though, you can pre-order it now. A few years ago, I came out with […]

My Father Wound Story

by Varn Brown
Healing The Father Wound Blog Series: My Father Wound Story by Varn Brown, Sr.

Click here to read full sample chapter, Healing The Wounds of a Fatherless Generation by Varn Brown including my father wound story. Excerpt from Healing The Wounds Of A Fatherless Generation: Chapter 5 Pushing Past The Pain of Fatherlessness. Pushing Past the Pain with Prayer, Passion, Perseverance Jesus displays a beautiful act of pushing past the […]

Prince or The Prince of Peace

by Varn Brown
Prince or Prince of Peace by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

Back in the eighties all my family was in music. My four brothers, me and my sister. We may have played all of the instruments. I was a saxophonist. Well, we almost played all the instruments. I love to sing, from the age 3 or 4. I remember, almost every song that I have heard […]

The Healing Power Of Forgiveness

by Varn Brown

I’ve noticed a few things over the years of ministry in the area of father wounds. First of all, I’ve noticed that a root of the wound stays there because of un-forgiveness. In our human bodies, God put a natural propensity to heal itself. Hence, we have scabs and the drying and healing of wounds. […]

What Is The Blessing

by Varn Brown

The blessing is when a father or spiritual father is able to lay his hands on you and transfer a blessing upon you. They command a blessings saying, ‘you are above and not beneath, ahead and not behind, you are a blessing and not a curse…’ They are a spiritual authority that covers you, and […]

What About The South Side

by Varn Brown
What About The Southside? by Varn Brown, Sr.

In the country, we as a family of boys had chores, and one of them was cutting our one-acre yard. The front yard was the same size as the back yard. But the front was always the easiest. The back yard was the most difficult to cut. Thinking about it, maybe, it was most difficult because […]

Making Up The Hedge

by Varn Brown
Making Up The Hedge by Varn Brown, Sr.

My wife and I are both middle children of large families. She has six sisters, two brothers and I have four brothers and one sister. The Lord put both of us right in the middle of our families as a hedge and as intercessors, which are the same. If you know it or not, when […]

When The Prophets Speak

by Varn Brown
When The Prophets Speak by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

Have you wondered why there’s such a stigma when it comes to the office of the Prophet? We do know they are a part of the five-fold ministry, right? It’s he, God who gave the office to the Church. Since Christ is the head of the church, it was his gift that he gave to […]

Seeds Of Greatness Gods Great Mercy And The Sin Of A Nation

by Varn Brown
God's Great Mercy by Varn Brown, Sr.

How do you think the God of Abraham deals with a rebellious people, when they have a heart after foreign gods. I want to tell you a story about how the God of Abraham dealt with a nation that had gone to Idol worship. They had forsaken their living God for a God of substance, […]