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A King of Convenience by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

A King of Convenience

The margin had been set by a king that had a heart after God’s own heart and his name was David. He set the margin that all kings following him would be measured by, well at least in God’s book. King Solomon did pretty good; he started off well. But at his end he fumbled […]

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  • Pray The Prayer Of Agreement With Us
    Dear Christ Family And Friends: Due to family illness, we are suspending our blog and devotionals for, hopefully a short season. Anyone that has ordered books and have not received them, please be assured you will receive your books. If this is a first time visit to our ministry site, you are invited to visit […]
    Earma Brown

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  • Armorbearer God's Original Intent
    In these last days, the Spirit of the Lord has poured out a beautiful movement of helps for the body of Christ. He has used a word as simple as Armorbearers. In the Hebrew, it is translated, to help or assist. For the last decade or more, there has been a pretty big movement across […]
  • Your Conversational Right
    Are you speaking your kingdom language? I faithfully read the word of God. I live the word of God. I study the word of God; I mediate upon the word of God daily. I fellowship with the congregation using the word of God. So, as the word of God flows out of me, it flows […]

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